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s blue overcoat a little jet of dust spurted up and he reeled in his seat. The man, hit hard in th

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e breast, did not fall, however. He gripped his saddle with his knees, cavalry fashion,53 steadied himself in his stirrups and fired three times at Blunt in quick succession. They were

  • fired he missed, although many men beli
  • eved him a better shot than Quantrell. The F
  • ederal sat on his horse calmly and fired the s
  • econd shot deliberately and again
  • missed. Blunt went four paces to
ward him, to ok a quick a

malesuada fames turpis.

now but twenty paces apart, and the Guerrilla was shortening the distance. When at ten he fired his third shot. T

malesuada fames turpis.

he heavy dragoon ball struck the gallant Federal fair in the forehead and knocked him dead from his horse. While

malesuada fames turpis.

the duel was in progress, brief as it was, Blunt had not watched his rear, to gain which a dozen Federals had star

malesuada fames turpis.

ted from the extreme right. He saw them, but he did not hurry. Going back to the coveted steed, he mounted him del

malesuada fames turpis.

iberately and dashed back through the lines closed up behind him, getting a fierce hurrah of encouragement from hi

malesuada fames turpis.

s own comrades, and a wicked volley from the enemy. It was time. A second company of Federals in the neighborhood

  • , attracted by the firing, had made a junction with Peabody and were already closing in upon the houses from the south. Surrounded now by one hundred and sixty men, Quantrell was in almost the same straits as at the Tate house. His horses were in the hands of the Federals, it was some little distance to the timber, and the environment was com

    im and fir ed very much a
  • plete. Captain Peabody, himself a Kansas man, knew who led the forces opposed to him and burned with a desire to make a finish of this Quantrell and his reckless band at one fell sweep. Not content with the one hundred and sixty men already in positions about the house, he sent off posthaste to Pink Hill for additional54 reinforcements. Embol

    s a man woul d at something run
  • dened also by their numbers, the Federals had approached so close to the positions held by the Guerrillas that it was possible for them to utilize the shelter the fences gave. Behind these they ensconced themselves while pouring a merciless fusillade upon the dwelling house and smoke house in comparative immunity. This annoyed Quantrell, dist

    ning. Out of the Federal’

ressed Gregg and made Cole Young

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